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About Us

About Kadivar Trading Group

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Kadivar Trading Group was founded in 1991 in Tabriz. In 1997, it was moved to Tehran onto its current location.
Over the past years, the group has pursued its activities with the main mission of supplying machinery and raw materials for food industries and covers for packaging.
Presently Kadivar Trading Group, with its trained and experienced staff, is the representative of the most well-established European factories in terms of the manufacture of machinery and raw materials for food industries.
ALTINMARKA, from Turkey, one of the most well-established and largest manufacturers of powder, butter and other derivatives of cocoa in the world.
BESLER/ULKER, from Turkey, manufacturer of various types of vegetable oil, alternative oils for CBS, CBR, CBE and other bakery, industrial and home-made oils.
Halavet, from Turkey, manufacturer of culinary gelatin in various types of meshes from 200 to 260 BLOOM in order to produce jelly powder, gummi candy, dairy, etc.
ISPAK, from Turkey, manufacturer of various types of printed and print-free aluminum foil with single layer or laminated
CAOTECH, from the Netherlands, full kitchen and other requirements of chocolate production
Currently the machinery provided by Kadivar Trading Group is working all across Iran and in the most well-established manufacturing units of food industries all over the country. Also, a large part of the country's factories active in the food industry have expanded the quality of their goods and their local and global markets using the raw materials and packaging procured by this group.
The skilled experts of Kadivar Trading Group are willing to provide counseling to all units active in the field of food industries in the country regarding all related fields. Holding training courses in factories abroad is one of the services provided by this group.